Monday, May 31, 2010

Kupcakes all the time!

Last week, I (Nancy) had stayed in Chicago for a few days at Melanie's apartment. During the time I stayed there, (like I said before) Melanie and I baked some lemon flavored cupcakes! In these lemon cupcakes we decided to add blueberries in the center as the filling, and on top we spread on some cream cheese frosting with cute "summery" themed decor. I gotta admit, these cupcakes were DELICIOUS! We both agreed that these lemon cupcakes were definitely our most favorite ones we've made so far. We also believe that each cupcake we make keeps getting yummier and yummier! =) Who knows what we'll think of next?! It was so yummy, we could not stop eating them. I swear I probably gained like 5 extra pounds this weekend!!

Melanie and I had been invited to attend this Akira event on State St. off the Red Line. This event was called the "Pink Pedi Pamper Party," and at the event they offered free pedicures, eyebrow waxing, 20% purchases, and of course free desserts from Krazy Kakes (this cake company). Not only were we excited to hear about the free pedicures and eyebrow waxing, but we were more excited to try what kind of desserts the Krazy Kakes would serve. Plus their company name is almost similar to our name too, which is SUCH a coincidence!!! So on Thursday (May 27th, 2010), we attended this event. As we entered, there was plenty of other girls that surrounded the area. We saw that they were just setting up the event, so we decided to browse the store as we waited. Melanie and I did find a pair of shoes that we really liked, so as we were standing in the line to pay we saw a lady carrying a huge tray of pink.....CUPCAKES! Yes I said it, they were colored in PINK. Our eyes quickly came attached to this tall display filled with delicious looking cupcakes. At this point, we were dying to taste them. We finally purchased our shoes, and started to head towards where the cupcakes were. The bakery lady was in the middle of finishing the display, as we walked by. We asked her if we can take one, and she told us not until she explains to us what the different flavors were. Good deal. As she named each one, I was contemplating on which one to try. Melanie went first and she chose one called the "upsidedown pineapple." It was a vanilla cake topped with pineapple flavored frosting. I must say, it was very creative!!! Never tasted anything like that before. I decided to get the "carmel vanilla," vanilla cupcake topped with carmel frosting. I loved mine, it was such a perfect choice. Each cupcake came with a cute shoe decor on top (since this Akira is a shoe store). Ah, it was seriously fabulous. Melanie and I were definitely satisfied, and wanted more! But we wanted to let the other customers give it a try. However, before leaving the store, Melanie and I agreed that we should share and try another cupcake. So we grabbed the lemon flavored cupcake. This cupcake had a thick jelly-like topping. It wasn't anything we tried before, but it was delish that's for sure. We wanted to also try the lemon kind so we can compare from the ones that we made. We would have to say they tied. Haha.

For more information on this Krazy Kakes Bakery, I believe they are new and are just opening up near the South Side? For more information you can go to I think this place is mainly a cake place. Their website is very interesting! Turn up your speakers, they have a very unique song to hear! :)
That's it for now. I will definitely post pictures up soon!


Monday, May 24, 2010

Say goodbye to the old, hello to the new!

A new year has begun and I thought that I would use my web design skills to test. Besides the crazy and long hours or even days that I put towards this, it was so worth it! I think this website looks way more organized than our first one. :)

The only bad part about this is that all the blogs are dated wrong because I had to move all of them over. However I did include the date they were REALLY published on each article title.

But yeah, enjoy guys! Hopefully this will improve the traffic we get on our site!

We also recently made a TWITTER page! So if you're one of them that uses Twitter, come support us! Woo! (you can also find it on the right side panel if you keep scrolling down.)

Let us know what you think of our page! Or comment otherwise. As always, we would LOVE to hear from you! :)

Much love,

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fox & Obel Market

Howdy! The other day Melanie and I made an unexpected trip to a new place on our list! We were around the downtown area, eating at Bubba Gump at Navy Pier! It was our first times there, and it was pretty pricey but was definitely worth it! If you guys didn't already know, Bubba Gump is a restaurant based off the Forrest Gump movie. Anyways, back to the story... Melanie and I were going to stop by Dominicks to pick up some brownie mix when we came across a bakery on our list. Can you guess? Fox & Obel Market! This place isn't specifically for just a bakery of goods, but it's also a food market. I must say entering this place was quite confusing. When you first enter, there are two doors... one that opens to a mini cafe and the other door, not too sure. We decided to choose the one towards the cafe, and to our surprise there was the market! We walked aimlessly through the aisles, until finally we came across the bakery! In the bakery there were various options to choose from: cookies, muffins, donuts, tarts, and of course cupcakes! Since this was a bakery, there were only a few selection of cupcakes: chocolate, red velvet, carrot and butter cake flavored. I was indecisive whether to buy a cookie or try their cupcakes. Of course, in the end I chose to order a cupcake and Melanie chose a chocolate chip cookie. Can you guess what cupcake I bought? Well you should already know by now..... CHOCOLATE! =) It was made from Devil's cake, and topped with chocolate frosting and white and chocolate chips on top. The cupcake price was only $2.99, which was a great deal considering the cupcake size was bigger than most places. Melanie's chocolate chip cookie costed $1.99 and was big also. Both desserts were pretty good. The cupcake was not as moist and more on the dry side. Without the chocolate frosting, the cupcake would taste really bland. The cookie was a bit hard and crunchy. As you can see, Melanie and I rather prefer our cookies to be soft and chewy. Fox and Obel Market has high prices on their items, but they sell items that you normally can't find at a regular grocery store. Overall, the experience was pretty pleasant. We weren't expecting too much from it since it was an unplanned visit. But maybe if we are around the area, we'll make a second stop and try out the other desserts! The fruit tart, I must say looked rather delicious!

On the side note-

We originally wanted to see if Sprinkles cupcakes were opened, but unfortunately we aren't exactly sure when the exact date of it may open. We looked it up on several websites on Google, but each result was a different date? If anyone knows or has any information on Sprinkles cupcakes please post here! =)

The school year ended for ME and Melanie only has a few more weeks left! How sad! We will for sure try to visit some places over the summer, if not we definitely will when school starts again!

<3 much love K4K

My hiatus is over =) (May 10, 2010)

Yes, that is right! I accomplished a MONTH without desserts. After the very long month, I was eager to try some cupcakes. I wanted to not only have a cupcake, but to try out a new cupcake place. So yesterday(Sunday) Nancy and I hopped on the bus to go to Bleeding Heart Bakery. We were both excited to explore a new bakery. Right away, I could see that this wasn't an ordinary cupcake shop. The shop had an alternative theme with tattoos and skulls. In front of the bakery there was a sign that said "Organic Bakery" and indeed the bakery was true to their words. Most of the cupcakes were vegan, and I noticed that they used organic milk for all of their other products. It is a bakery, so they offer cupcakes, cakes, doughnuts, cookies, bars and various of other things to satisfy your sweet tooth. Nancy and I got there at the right time. We still had a long wait, about 7 minutes, but shortly after we sat down to eat, the bakery filled up with a ton more people. I swear the line did not move for almost 10 minutes. Nancy ordered the chocolate peanut butter and I got the chocolate raspberry. Both of the cupcakes were chocolate but Nancy's came with a peanut butter frosting while mine had raspberry frosting. The cupcakes were pretty cheap ($2.75) which is a plus, and if you want to get the more elaborate cupcake flavors, it's only $3.25. We grabbed some metal spoons, which I understand they don't want to be wasteful in providing plasticware however some spoons seemed dirty. Luckily, the cupcake made up for the lack in proper silverware and our moderate wait in line. We agreed the cupcake itself wasn't too special but I thought the frosting was one of the best that we've had so far. The cupcake was moist and the frosting was just the right amount of sweetness and tons of flavor. Overall the cupcakes were good but the place felt a little bit dirty, perhaps because it was a small shop with overcrowding decor. And I was not too crazy about waiting in line for so long. At least Nancy and I could say that we have been there, I am just not sure if we will return.

In other news, SPRINKLES is opening up in Chicago very soon and guess who will be one of the first customers?? We are dying to try west coasts best cupcakes! Unfortunately the website does not have the exact date on when they will be opening up.

You'll hear from us very soon,


We are so unsuccessful but still achievers! (May 3, 2010)

The school year is coming to an end, and it’s sad to say that our site wasn’t such a huge success. However, as much as we tried our best we still accomplished one thing, and that was trying most of Chicagoland’s greatest cupcake places. We are very unfortunate but at the same time it was fun. We didn’t let one thing get in our way, besides our main goal was to have a taste of each place that Chicago had to offer. We didn’t get around to visit all the cupcake places we listed in our ‘Locations’ tab, but we did our best and that is all that matters. This year may be ending but we still have the summer and of course next year! We have time, and maybe someday our dream will come true.

Anyways, Melanie has not been to a cupcake place in a while due to her giving up “sweets” for a month! ICK! I on the other end was supposed to join that pledge too but I couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t. Sweets are my addiction, maybe someday I will give it up but not soon! So while she is on her little mission, I went to two cupcake places since I’ve last updated. I went to Phoebe’s and Molly’s Cupcakes. Both were very delicious and have good things to say about them.

One. Phoebe’s Cupcakes were way better this time. It’s funny because they definitely took my comment on seriously. I didn’t think they read that stuff, but I had posted a comment about them a while back and they took my comment into consideration. I basically wrote how the first time I went that the cupcakes tasted like dog food!! But because of that I think was the cupcakes used to be next to the “pupcakes” in the display case. So when I went there for my second time, I saw that the “pupcakes” were placed in a separate shelf. When I was at Phoebe’s I had tried the Peanut Butter Fudgy Brownie and my friend Sarah got the Very Vanilla. They were both scrumptious but we definitely agreed mine was better. Mine had chocolate cake and peanut butter frosting on top. Sarah’s is very explanatory, given the name. It had vanilla cake with vanilla frosting and since it was around Easter time, they included an Egg non edible d├ęcor. And of course, to answer anyone’s question the cupcakes DID NOT taste like dog food this time. J However I wouldn't say that place is as good as Sweet Mandi B’s or Molly’s.

Two. I recently went to Molly’s Cupcakes last weekend because I was already in the area. Funny thing is I went to Molly’s with the same friend, Sarah. She’s never been there before so it was pretty exciting! I decided to order something that I already have tasted and one that is my most favorite, the ‘Cookies and Cream’ one. To refresh your memory, this one is a chocolate cake with a chocolate filling inside. It also is topped with chocolate frosting, whipped cream and of course a half oreo to top it off! No wonder I love it so much, such a chocolate-lover treat! Sarah tried the ‘Cookie Monster’, again my 2nd most favorite cupcake at Molly’s. And simply, it’s a chocolate chip cake with cookie dough in the center. It’s topped with whipped cream and chocolate chip pieces. Seriously to die for, you must try! Sarah thought this place so cute, and everything is so orderly there, including the employees! The whole environment is so fun and friendly, just the way I like it.
Well that is all for now, but hopefully Melanie’s little promise will end soon so we can get a chance to try new places. Catch a later guys!

If you haven’t already, please tell your cupcake lover friends about our site! And it would be excellent if you guys comment on our blogs, pictures, anything! It would literally make our day and it will be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much.

Much Love, Nancy

Update! (March 9, 2009)

Hey there!

Long time since we written, but in the last few months Melanie and I have been extremely busy and decided to just revisit certain places. Sadly, our flyer distribution plan didn’t really work out the way we planned. Our goal was to target our right audience and by doing so, advertise our site at actual Chicago cupcake locations. We only had a chance to go to a few, and out of all of them, Molly’s was the one that accepted our ads. We were extremely excited and looking forward to get our site out there, but from the looks of it, it doesn’t look like we accomplished anything. However, we still have a lot more places and chances to advertise, and even if we don’t accomplish it at least we can say we tried. We’re not going to let our hopes down, as long as we are able to visit all the Chicago cupcake locations, we will be satisfied. That’s basically what we wanted anyways. If anyone of you are reading this, and you know any cupcake lovers out there, please help us and refer this site to them.

So far since we last updated, Melanie and I have visited two places – Mrs. A’s Cupcakes and Sweet Mandi B’s. I know that isn’t a lot, but we still have a couple months left of this semester so we have time. No rush.

Those of you who’ve never heard of Mrs. A’s Cupcakes, well, it’s a dessert place at the Old Orchard Mall. If you have read previous posts, I have visited that place once before. It’s located right next to Red Robin and near the Nordstrom department store. Anyway, Melanie and I planned on shopping that weekend and she wanted to try this place, so we took the yellow line down there. From my experience, I didn’t really enjoy this place too much. Not only did the cupcake taste like cake mix, but the employees that worked there were rude. This time, there were more people working and that same lady that I was rude last time, was there too. Sadly, she was being rude again but the other workers actually tried making small conversations with us. I had ordered the red velvet cupcake and Melanie ordered “Kylie’s Favorite Cupcake.” Since it was Superbowl weekend, her cupcake came with a football decoration on top. Melanie’s cupcake was made with yellow cake and topped with chocolate icing, as well as black sprinkles around the rim. As for mine, it was topped with thick vanilla frosting and sprinkled with red sprinkles. I enjoyed mine, it was moist and tasty but I wasn’t able to finish it because it was too sweet. Melanie didn’t really like hers due to it being dry and unappetizing. This place isn’t really specifically for cupcakes because they have only four flavors to choose from. I would say it’s more of a cookie and dessert place instead. Also if you plan on going here, there is no place to sit and eat. It’s a very tiny place; you have a choice of standing and eating it outside or to go in the food court.

Recently, we revisited Sweet Mandi B’s, which by the way their new extra room has now opened. It’s really cute and gives customers more of an opportunity to sit down and enjoy their dessert. Since we had just got done eating dinner, we decided to go to Mandi B’s for dessert. As usual, I ordered a cupcake called “Banana cupcake,” while Melanie chose to try their Snickerdoodle cookie. The cookie was delicious and mine was great too. Mine tasted just like banana bread; it was moist and absolutely scrumptious. It had also been topped with chocolate icing and white chocolate chips. Ah, how we love Sweet Mandi B’s! Just talking about this, makes me want to go eat a cupcake now! Their new room edition not only adds on to the place, but now they offer ice cream, which we will soon try one day.

But anyway, we can’t stress enough but we really would love to see more comments on our blogs so we are aware people actually read this thing! If not, that’s fine…. Our mission is to try and visit all of the Chicagoland places! Wish us luck! J

Long time no talk! (January 6, 2009)

Hey guys! How's it going, it's definitely been a while since we've updated. Happy New Year by the way, Melanie and I have made a new year's resolution to try and visit more cupcake places for the remainder time we are here in Chicago! Oh and to make our site "the next big thing"! With break ending and all, Melanie and I finally got a chance to make our first stop of the year at a cupcake place. We first decided on heading to Sweet Mandi B's to check out their new edition, but unfortunately since we were already around the shopping area on Diversey, the only cupcake place near to us was Molly's. We've been to Molly's several times before, so we agreed on ordering new flavors. With that being said, Melanie ordered a cupcake called "Turtle" and I ordered one called "Mighty Mint". Both were extremely delicious, but very sweet. The Turtle cupcake was a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and nuts on top. Now, I adored Mel's cupcake.. that is because I am a big fan of chocolate! =) Melanie thought it was too sweet for her likings lol. The cupcake was very moist (two thumbs up) and inside had some delicious carmel. For my cupcake, "Mighty Mint"...the name pretty much explains it all. Mine was very minty! I would definitely have to consider it for the holiday season lol. The Mighty Mint was a chocolate cake with a mint flavored frosting, which included an Andes candy on top! Perfect, I must say! =) My cupcake was also very moist and had a mint flavored liquor in the middle. Each cupcake costs $3.75.

Oh and for some more news-

Melanie and I have been having a hard time with publishing our site and having people leave feedback or anyone taking us seriously. We are SERIOUS if you don't like this site, then LEAVE! We really want the RIGHT viewers to view our site! With that being said, we created flyers for our cupcake site and will soon contribute it out and target the right audience! But if you are reading this and actually love cupcakes, it would be greatly appreciated if you would refer our site to friends, family, anyone who is interested. Like I said before, our new year's resolution hopefully will be accomplished and become successful! Otherwise, thank you guys for taking the time to check out our site! Please leave comments, posts, and overall feedback.

Thank you-
Nancy & Melanie

Happy Thanksgiving! (November 26, 2009)

Hi everyone,

We would like to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for the opportunity Nancy and I have for our website. We really hope one day we could buy our own website. I'm also thankful for our Facebook fans. We are almost at 100! I would like to encourage you guys to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment on our blogs. We need your feedback.

Any who, the reason I am posting this blog is to let you know that Krazy4Kupcakes is going on a little break. I have already started my winter break and Nancy will be back at home soon too. In this case, we cannot resume our trips to bakeries while we are back in the suburbs. We may however make some cupcakes together and post those pictures up, or try some cupcakes in the burbs. Also, look forward to the video that should be posted any day now!

As soon as we are both back in Chicago, we will resume our adventure.
Have a happy holiday!

PS, a little update on Sweet Mandy B's, they have opened their ice cream section!! Can't wait to try it out.

Love, Melanie and Nancy

Blissful Day (November 10, 2009)

Since Sunday was such a nice day in Chicago (in the 70's!) I decided to put my homework aside and meet up with Nancy downtown. At first we couldn't decide if we would go to a new cupcake place or revisit a place we have already been to. We came to the conclusion to visit Sugar Bliss Cake Boutique again. I took a video this time =). I'm still working on the editing so please be patient, but I hope you all will be looking forward to that. This time Nancy and I tried different cupcakes from the first time we went there. We did get there around 30mins before closing so we didn't have that much options. I got the supposedly famous Orange Creamsicle cupcake and Nancy got the Chocolate Peanut Butter. Both cupcakes were delicious! It was still on the very sweet side but very satisfying. Sugar Bliss hasn't failed us yet!

Just around the area (November 8, 2009)

Wow, what a beautiful day it was today! A perfect day to spend it at the Old Orchard mall (an outdoor mall) located in Skokie, IL. Well anyway, while shopping there, my mom and I had a chance to make a pit stop at "Mrs A's Cupcakes". This cupcake place was located right by the Nordstrom department store. It's not technically a "cupcake" place, even if the name of the place is called that. They sold mainly, cookies, cakes, and other desserts. They had a total of five choices of cupcake flavors: Chocolate Chocolate, Red Velvet, Vanilla, Carrot, and Chocolate Fudge. The place was really tiny, it reminded me of a "Mrs. Fields".
When I ordered, the employees (specifically an asian/hawaiian (I could be wrong) lady) was so rude. When we first came in, she had greeted us but in a very negative tone. She watched as I looked through the different flavors they had. Strangely, they had no name tags on each flavor! So I asked her what flavor was each, and she again was responding very rudely. I felt so uncomfortable, that I wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. I bought the "chocolate chocolate" cupcake, and it costed $2.75 with tax. The lady then started laughing with the rest of her coworkers, I stood there, and rolled my eyes. I couldn't even enjoy the cupcake, the vibe in the place made it not taste as good.
However, the decoration on the cupcake was cute. Each cupcake was smothered in frosting and sprinkles were around the sides.

I wish my experience could have been better, but I guess there's always going to be bad experiences once in a while! I mean if you're in the area, sure stop by, I just hope you don't have the same experience as I did. It's pretty disappointing.


Spooky Treats! (November 3, 2009)

Halloween is the night to treat yourself to something tasty. Can you guess what? ..... Cupcakes of course! :) Melanie and I finally got a chance to go to Sweet Mandi B's.

Sweet Mandi B's is located on Webster Ave, about 10 min of a walk from Melanie's. Sweet Mandi B's was seasonly decorated. They had a cute Halloween theme outside and inside of the place. They carried Halloween treats too. Sweet Mandi B's not only sold cupcakes but had many other assortments of treats to choose from; some were cookies, cakes, brownies, pies, etc. They sell extra frosting separately as well. Each cupcake was about $1.50 each not including tax. Melanie had ordered the "Snickerdoodle" cupcake and I bought the "Red Velvet" cupcake. Both were very delicious but we thought they were a little TOO sweet. The frosting was very thick and sugary.

Out of all the cupcake places we've been to so far, Sweet Mandi B's looked the most homemade. The place was very tiny, but they are actually expanding the store. However, due to construction there was no place to sit and eat. The seats available were not to be used because of contruction, which did not make any sense.

Overall, we enjoyed the place. The employees were super friendly and the environment was warm and "homie-like". If you are craving something really sweet and sugary, we recommend you make a pit stop at Sweet Mandi B's!


Give me MORE cupcakes! (October 26, 2009)

On a rainy day what's better than shopping and getting cupcakes? Last Thursday Nancy, my roommate Connie, and I went downtown for a little shopping and also to get some delicious cupcakes. We stopped at More cupcakes, which is on the corner of State St and Delaware. We all loved the cupcake display! The store was pretty tiny though. Nancy got the Chocolate Champagne, Connie had S'more and I got White Velvet. Nancy enjoyed her cupcake, and we all voted and liked hers the best. The middle had a chocolate truffle filling, satisfying Nancy's chocolate fix. Connie's cupcake was chocolate, with a marshmallow filling and graham cracker frosting topped with a marshmallow. I had a white velvet, which was a vanilla cupcake topped with a vanilla cream (not too sure if that's what it was) and white chocolate curls. The cupcake was good, but i wasn't too crazy about the vanilla cream. If you decide to go to More cupcakes, beware that they don't have any seating. It's not really a place to sit down with friends. Although, they do have a ledge where you can stand to eat your cupcakes. They offer forks, but they have no water so bring your own.
Yesterday, my roommate Connie bought half a dozen of Sweet Mandy B's cupcakes for around $13. Connie recommends the snickerdoodle cupcake which I definitely want to try when Nancy and I go there. Connie let me have one of her cupcakes. I took a regular vanilla cupcake with bright blue frosting. This cupcake by far looks the most homemade. There was a lot of frosting on the cupcake, but it wasn't necessarily a bad thing. It was very cute because it was halloween themed with orange and black ghost sprinkles. I can't wait to visit Sweet Mandy B's.

-Melanie & Nancy =)

Our Adventure Begins (October 16, 2009)

Hey guys! So it's been a while since we've written or even updated our website. Melanie and I moved into our homes in Chicago a while back, and ever since then we've been pretty busy! However we did make time for our lovely cupcake trips :). So far we've been to Molly's (again, lol), Phoebe's Cupcakes, and Sugar Bliss Cake Boutique.

Our first stop was at Molly's, we were in the area so we decided to make a pit stop! I was actually craving the infamous Cookee Monster treat, and of course it was still same old yummy-ness. Melanie got the Strawberry Shortcake and she really enjoyed that one too.
Next place we went to was Phoebe's Cupcakes. To our surprise, we didn't enjoy it too much. However you get a decent size for each cupcake (2.50), and you had an option to match a cupcake with ice cream (additional 1.50). The place was filled with nice pictures, and chairs/tables to eat at with pretty flowers on the table. Melanie got the Red Velvet cupcake and I got the Death by Chocolate cupcake. The cupcake looked yummy, don't get me wrong, but the smell of the cupcake made the taste not as good as it looked. The smell sort of smelled like dog food, which am not surprised because they had put the pupcakes right next to the regular cupcakes.
Just a few weeks ago, we went to Sugar Bliss Cake Boutique. It was a cute small little place located on Wabash Ave. Just like any other cupcake place, they had certain flavors each day. Each cupcake costs 3.50 each. Melanie got the Vanilla Milk Chocolate,I got the Black and White and I bought my boyfriend the Red Velvet cupcake. Both were delicious, and I would most definitely consider going back again! All their cupcakes are decorized with frosting the shape of a flower.
I think our next trip is going to be Sweet Mandi B's! We will try our best to make more trips in the next month! But we'll update you then! :)

-Nancy & Melanie

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Chocolate Chip Cupcakes (August 25, 2009)

A typical night here in the burbs of Chicago, as usual, absolutely nothing to do. So I decided to try and put my cooking skills to test and make chocolate chip cupcakes from scratch. I have never attempted to make anything from scratch before, considering I'm not an expert in culinary. I got this idea from Molly's Cupcakes. I had bought the "Cookee Monster" cupcake, and to my surprise it was delicious! In our gallery section, you can find a picture of it under Molly's Cupcakes. I love cookies! I would have to say, I, myself am a true cookie monster. Recently, I've been baking common desserts and decided to try something new. I really admired the treat at Molly's so I wanted to see if I could cook myself something similar to it. I got the homemade recipe from On the site you can find a variety of different kinds of recipes and not just cupcakes. The recipe that I used also had a toppings recipe. I decided to try it out, and it actually turned out really good as well! I will most definitely use this recipe again and share it with my friends and family! Here are some pictures of my chocolate chip cupcakes! Enjoy!

<3 Nancy

Melanie's Birthday (August 17 2009)

So yesterday was my birthday and I made cupcakes for my friends. I forgot that one of my friend's boyfriend is vegan but luckily he brought some vegan cupcakes. Also, Nancy brought cupcakes with her too. For my party I ended up with three different kind of cupcakes, and they were all delicious. The cupcakes I made were banana with cream cheese frosting and pink sugar to go with my pink theme. Mine were made from the box, but they weren't that bad.

I was interested in trying the vegan cupcakes to see how different it is from normal cupcakes. I could barely tell that the cupcake was vegan. Although it did have a distinct taste because it was Margarita flavored but none the less it was amazing. I wish I had taken a picture of it because it was very cute. The frosting was green and had sprinkles on the edge of cupcake, mimicking a Margarita glass.

Nancy brought Coldstone cupcakes, which we had been dying to try and now had a good excuse to have them. The cupcakes had a chocolate shell on the bottom that looked like a cupcake liner. At the very bottom of the cupcake was a thin layer of cake and fudge. The rest of the cupcake was ice cream topped with frosting. It came in three different flavors; Chocolate, Red Velvet, and Vanilla. You can make custom Coldstone cupcakes, but must order it two days in advance.

My birthday was filled with yummy cupcakes, which I hope is a good omen that the rest of year will have many good cupcakes as well!

 Love, Melanie
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