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Update! (March 9, 2009)

Hey there!

Long time since we written, but in the last few months Melanie and I have been extremely busy and decided to just revisit certain places. Sadly, our flyer distribution plan didn’t really work out the way we planned. Our goal was to target our right audience and by doing so, advertise our site at actual Chicago cupcake locations. We only had a chance to go to a few, and out of all of them, Molly’s was the one that accepted our ads. We were extremely excited and looking forward to get our site out there, but from the looks of it, it doesn’t look like we accomplished anything. However, we still have a lot more places and chances to advertise, and even if we don’t accomplish it at least we can say we tried. We’re not going to let our hopes down, as long as we are able to visit all the Chicago cupcake locations, we will be satisfied. That’s basically what we wanted anyways. If anyone of you are reading this, and you know any cupcake lovers out there, please help us and refer this site to them.

So far since we last updated, Melanie and I have visited two places – Mrs. A’s Cupcakes and Sweet Mandi B’s. I know that isn’t a lot, but we still have a couple months left of this semester so we have time. No rush.

Those of you who’ve never heard of Mrs. A’s Cupcakes, well, it’s a dessert place at the Old Orchard Mall. If you have read previous posts, I have visited that place once before. It’s located right next to Red Robin and near the Nordstrom department store. Anyway, Melanie and I planned on shopping that weekend and she wanted to try this place, so we took the yellow line down there. From my experience, I didn’t really enjoy this place too much. Not only did the cupcake taste like cake mix, but the employees that worked there were rude. This time, there were more people working and that same lady that I was rude last time, was there too. Sadly, she was being rude again but the other workers actually tried making small conversations with us. I had ordered the red velvet cupcake and Melanie ordered “Kylie’s Favorite Cupcake.” Since it was Superbowl weekend, her cupcake came with a football decoration on top. Melanie’s cupcake was made with yellow cake and topped with chocolate icing, as well as black sprinkles around the rim. As for mine, it was topped with thick vanilla frosting and sprinkled with red sprinkles. I enjoyed mine, it was moist and tasty but I wasn’t able to finish it because it was too sweet. Melanie didn’t really like hers due to it being dry and unappetizing. This place isn’t really specifically for cupcakes because they have only four flavors to choose from. I would say it’s more of a cookie and dessert place instead. Also if you plan on going here, there is no place to sit and eat. It’s a very tiny place; you have a choice of standing and eating it outside or to go in the food court.

Recently, we revisited Sweet Mandi B’s, which by the way their new extra room has now opened. It’s really cute and gives customers more of an opportunity to sit down and enjoy their dessert. Since we had just got done eating dinner, we decided to go to Mandi B’s for dessert. As usual, I ordered a cupcake called “Banana cupcake,” while Melanie chose to try their Snickerdoodle cookie. The cookie was delicious and mine was great too. Mine tasted just like banana bread; it was moist and absolutely scrumptious. It had also been topped with chocolate icing and white chocolate chips. Ah, how we love Sweet Mandi B’s! Just talking about this, makes me want to go eat a cupcake now! Their new room edition not only adds on to the place, but now they offer ice cream, which we will soon try one day.

But anyway, we can’t stress enough but we really would love to see more comments on our blogs so we are aware people actually read this thing! If not, that’s fine…. Our mission is to try and visit all of the Chicagoland places! Wish us luck! J


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