Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Best, By Far.

Nancy and I got together yesterday and guess what we did?? Yup, we made cupcakes! My nephew has a christening and his first birthday this Sunday. My family is going to be throwing a party to celebrate. What's a better way to celebrate any occasion? Well, we think it is none other that to have cupcakes! Since there is going to be about 60 people at the party, and there will be tons of dessert already, we decided to make "tiny cupcakes". This way almost everyone would be able to try the cupcakes.

Nancy and I made chocolate malted cupcakes from scratch. We were a little worried since our history of making cupcakes from scratch isn't the best. We were very precautions in what we were doing. Once the batter started to get liquidly, we began to panic a bit. But atlas, when the cupcakes came out of the oven and we were able to try it, it tasted amazing. We finally got it right! The cupcake was moist and soft, just like how a cupcake SHOULD be. We are looking forward to everyone trying the cupcakes. I just hope they will still taste as good on Sunday as it did on Wednesday, but unfortunately Wednesday was the only time Nancy and I could get together to make them.

We have taken a video of us making the cupcakes and we also plan on making a video of the people at the party eating the cupcakes. In addition to those videos, we are currently working on an interview video, so you guys have plenty to look forward to. We definitely are wishing for the best this year. Somehow we have a good feeling about were Krazy4Kupcakes is headed :)

FYI, according to our poll, it looks like the strawberry champagne cupcake flavor was the most desired by our followers, so we will get on that as soon as we are back in Chicago. We promise it will be the first cupcakes we make when we go back to school.

Have a great weekened!

The Krazy4Kupcakes Girls <3

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Some extra news for us.....
Sprinkles is having a grand opening this Saturday from 1-4 pm! Melanie and I have been waiting for this day for a long time, but unfortunately we can't make it! :( We both work that day. If you want to go RSVP to! A few of my friends that work around the area that Sprinkles opened (Gold Coast) were very fortunate and already had a sneak peak of what Sprinkles taste like!

 On another note, there has been a NEW icecream man (also known as) a cupcake van going around town selling cupcakes!!!! Supposedly they are definitely worth trying! I was working the other day when I saw the van outside my work! Ah!!!! I totally would have loved to get some, but I couldn't since my break wasn't until later that day.... So upsetting!! But for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, they are called "Flirty Cupcakes." You can find their daily routes on! I hope they stop at an area that I'm by so I can get a chance to try them out! On a good note, I got a few snapshots of what the van looks like and what's on their menu!

 (See, the world is turning into a cupcake world!)

 Also, Melanie and I decided to take a decorating cake class during the winter time! We are pretty pumped about that. :) We definitely need to work on more of our decorating skills! We also are baking more treats next week for her nephew's christening. Should be a fun time!

 All right, I think that is it... Keep watching Cupcake Wars! A follower of ours on Twitter ("Stef Red Velvet") will be on the next episode of next week! How exciting!!!

MORE NEWS, "girlfeedsboy" on YOUTUBE gave us a helpful link to more cupcake updates! Here you guys go -

(Watch our FLIRTY CUPCAKES, you've got some COMPETITION!)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Hey guys!

As you can see, we have been keeping ourselves CUPCAKE busy!!!! Recently, we decided to create a YOUTUBE account which will be used like a video blog. If you haven't checked it out yet, please do: We have yet to record more videos to post up! But for the meantime, subscribe to us!!!! Our video blog will contain videos of our cupcake trips, interviews on guests, what happens behind our kitchen and much more other cupcake-fun related things! We both are looking forward to making these videos and we hope you guys are too!

Anyway, in the last post I forgot to mention how Melanie and I went to Strawberry Fest. Strawberry fest is a fun and traditional event held in Long Grove, Illinois. Obviously, from the name, it's a festival with various strawberries and other dessert treats to try, along with shops and music to enjoy as well. That day, Melanie and I stuffed ourselves with several delicious goods. A few were, deep fried cookie dough, strawberry donuts, and of course a strawberry cupcake! There was a bakery shop that was small but had cute decor (they had a very cute cupcake painted picture on their wall), and they served other yummy-looking desserts like the cupcake. Melanie and I decided to split a strawberry cupcake. It didn't look like a regular cupcake, the treat had no cupcake liner, but had prettiful pink frosting and a normal sized strawberry on top. The lady that worked there was very kind, but we thought that the cupcake did not taste as good. The frosting made the cupcake have more flavor but it also was very dry and a little TOO sweet. Sadly, we splitted the cupcake and yet dreadly tried to finish it all. However, the price was affordable ($2.75) and the presentation of the place and treats were nice. I think we both came to a conclusion that cupcakes made from bakeries aren't as tasty as a cupcake from a REAL cupcake spot.

Despite the disappointment, Melanie and I finally had a chance to try Phoebe's Cupcakes once again. We were around the area, and thought why not stop by. Melanie chose the 'Red, White & Blue Cupcake' (a cute themed cupcake for the holidays!), and I picked the 'Chocolate w/ Funfetti Vanilla Frosting'. Both cupcakes were delicious and tasted "non-dog-food-like"!! HAHA. If you don't know what we are talking about, well our first visit wasn't ALL THAT PLEASANT! Oh and Melanie's cupcake was DELICIOUS! HOWEVER.....Since the frosting was a dark blue color, it made her whole MOUTH turn blue. And I mean.... it WAS BLUE!!!!! Funny I must say, but embarassing? Phoebe's...if you guys are reading this? LAY OFF the coloring!! HAHA...

Ah and ALSO we wanted to swing by the Gold Coast to see if when SPRINKLES are going to open!!! HELLO??? We have been waiting for this since last spring, when they said it would open!!!! Now its mid-July...and still no grand opening? I swear it probably won't open until we get back to school... tsk tsk.

Well hope you enjoy this longggg entry!!!! And keep INTUNE for more KRAZY 4 KUPCAKE videos on YOUTUBE!!!!!!

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We love you - always and forever,

K4K :)

Bloopers Video 1

We uploaded a new video! Come check it out =))))


Friday, July 2, 2010


Ah, one by one the good ol' summer days go by... Sooner or later time will past and Melanie and I will be back living in the Chi! I, on one end am impatiently waiting until that day comes! Anyhoo, Melanie and I have kept our summers busy by making more and more cupcakes!! I know, exciting right? We kept our promises and finally tried making cupcakes from scratch. Last Sunday we promised my cousin that we would bake cupcakes for her graduation party. We asked her what kind she wanted, and she told us red velvet, so we did. Additionally, Melanie and I decided to create two extra flavors, and these would be the ones we would make from scratch. Can you guess which flavors these were? Well we wanted to make one that would be common to eat and also one that you guys selected based off the 'next flavor' poll on the side. Those of you who DID vote and helped us out, we really appreciate it!!! =)

Okay, so I'll just tell you... We ended up making Vanilla Caramel and Peanut Butter cupcakes. Sounds delish right? We thought so too. Melanie and I planned to make these cupcakes last Sunday before her party... But unfortunately Melanie found out she had to work that day. We had no other alternative day to make them because I had to work the day before. So therefore, we planned to split the cupcake making and do it separately. Let me tell you it was a TON of work. You wouldn't believe how long it took each of us to make them... Since Mel had all the cupcake ingredients at her house; she had to make the two cupcakes from scratch on her own. I on the other hand, only had to make the red velvet cupcakes from the box but also had to make the finishing touches of the cupcakes (toppings, decor). A total estimate of the time it took us to make these cupcakes on our own was approximately 6-7 hours!!!! Ugh.


Luckily, on Friday (6/25/2010) we already made the frosting from each cupcake so that saved us some time. We actually videotaped a few shots of us making the frosting, which will soon be posted! :) Overall, the cupcakes turned out... Well let's just say since it was our first times making it from scratch, it wasn't our best. But hey, everybody makes mistakes and learn from them right? We'll make sure the next homemade cupcake will be superb! My cousin "claims" that they were great, but we just think she's being too kind!! (Just teasing, Lisa!) We just wished they turned out a tad bit better.... Our biggest problem is how to avoid making a cupcake DRY? But we will be posting up pics and videos on that cupcake process. So keep intune!!!!

Our next creation is definitely going to be the Strawberry Champayne cupcake!!! Now that will be tasty! Melanie and I vowed that we will never make cupcakes without each other ever again!!! It was a horrible experience, and is no fun without a buddy there making it with you! :)

PS those of you who contribute to our website, keep it up!!! We would love to see more feedback on our site! Come on Chicago, you all KNOW cupcakes are taking over :)

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