Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Best, By Far.

Nancy and I got together yesterday and guess what we did?? Yup, we made cupcakes! My nephew has a christening and his first birthday this Sunday. My family is going to be throwing a party to celebrate. What's a better way to celebrate any occasion? Well, we think it is none other that to have cupcakes! Since there is going to be about 60 people at the party, and there will be tons of dessert already, we decided to make "tiny cupcakes". This way almost everyone would be able to try the cupcakes.

Nancy and I made chocolate malted cupcakes from scratch. We were a little worried since our history of making cupcakes from scratch isn't the best. We were very precautions in what we were doing. Once the batter started to get liquidly, we began to panic a bit. But atlas, when the cupcakes came out of the oven and we were able to try it, it tasted amazing. We finally got it right! The cupcake was moist and soft, just like how a cupcake SHOULD be. We are looking forward to everyone trying the cupcakes. I just hope they will still taste as good on Sunday as it did on Wednesday, but unfortunately Wednesday was the only time Nancy and I could get together to make them.

We have taken a video of us making the cupcakes and we also plan on making a video of the people at the party eating the cupcakes. In addition to those videos, we are currently working on an interview video, so you guys have plenty to look forward to. We definitely are wishing for the best this year. Somehow we have a good feeling about were Krazy4Kupcakes is headed :)

FYI, according to our poll, it looks like the strawberry champagne cupcake flavor was the most desired by our followers, so we will get on that as soon as we are back in Chicago. We promise it will be the first cupcakes we make when we go back to school.

Have a great weekened!

The Krazy4Kupcakes Girls <3


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