Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Some extra news for us.....
Sprinkles is having a grand opening this Saturday from 1-4 pm! Melanie and I have been waiting for this day for a long time, but unfortunately we can't make it! :( We both work that day. If you want to go RSVP to! A few of my friends that work around the area that Sprinkles opened (Gold Coast) were very fortunate and already had a sneak peak of what Sprinkles taste like!

 On another note, there has been a NEW icecream man (also known as) a cupcake van going around town selling cupcakes!!!! Supposedly they are definitely worth trying! I was working the other day when I saw the van outside my work! Ah!!!! I totally would have loved to get some, but I couldn't since my break wasn't until later that day.... So upsetting!! But for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, they are called "Flirty Cupcakes." You can find their daily routes on! I hope they stop at an area that I'm by so I can get a chance to try them out! On a good note, I got a few snapshots of what the van looks like and what's on their menu!

 (See, the world is turning into a cupcake world!)

 Also, Melanie and I decided to take a decorating cake class during the winter time! We are pretty pumped about that. :) We definitely need to work on more of our decorating skills! We also are baking more treats next week for her nephew's christening. Should be a fun time!

 All right, I think that is it... Keep watching Cupcake Wars! A follower of ours on Twitter ("Stef Red Velvet") will be on the next episode of next week! How exciting!!!

MORE NEWS, "girlfeedsboy" on YOUTUBE gave us a helpful link to more cupcake updates! Here you guys go -

(Watch our FLIRTY CUPCAKES, you've got some COMPETITION!)


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