Friday, January 13, 2012

Lucky People Who Have Tried Our Cupcakes!

I decided to take pictures of friends who have tried our cupcakes! Enjoy! 



Cinnamon Toast Crunch


Rob & Jason


Melanie and I finally had a chance to get together to do one of our favorite things.. Can you guess?

Baking Cupcakes! Of course! :)

We decided on making Cinnamon Toast Crunch cupcakes that turned out pretty amazing! We brought these cupcakes to work the next day for our coworkers to try. They were definitely a success considering the cupcakes were gone in a few hours.

These cupcakes are definitely a breakfast treat, it's a cinnamon toast cake with a cinnamon filling, topped with cinnamon vanilla frosting. 

We agreed that the cupcakes were one of our top favorite cupcakes we've baked so far! And we hope to get together to bake some more cereal flavored cupcakes! 

Also, I recently baked a batch of Chocolate Cake Cupcakes w/ Cookie Dough filling and Butter Cream Frosting for my roommate Rosalie, who just got back from Africa. They were definitely a success as well!
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