Monday, January 3, 2011

Don't think we gave up on this blog...

Hey guys! I know it's been way too long... but don't think Melanie and I forgot about this blog! We have been very occupied with other things, that we haven't had time. I know, I know... SAME excuse as last time. But even if we haven't been updating our blog, we have been making time to try new cupcakes and baking our own as well.

From last time, looks like Sprinkles was our last topic.. Well I hate to admit this.. But I think we have gone Sprinkles crazy! I swear ever since then, I've had Sprinkles way too many times that I think I am done, sick of their cupcakes... I'm or (we) are moving on! I mentioned last blog that it didn't help working a block away from the bakery.. Well as the months go by, our seasonal positions will soon end and we won't be visiting the Gold Coast as much anymore.. That being said, we will soon be Sprinkles free.

In a bit, I'll upload some pictures that Melanie and I took of our cupcakes. So check that out!

Other than Sprinkles, Melanie and I have finally did try a new place on our list called Sensational Bites. It's a cute little bakery more west of Wrigleyville. They serve their title well, it was pretty "sensational" for sure! They had many treats to offer other than cupcakes... There were oreo balls (which was delicious!), brownies, cookies, you name it! All for a reasonal price! Again, I'll upload more pictures from the visit in a bit. Luckily for me, this place is located really close to where I live... So we plan on making a visit very soon!

Oh also, this break Melanie and I finally did bake some cupcake treats! Can you guess? We had thrown a holiday party over break, and decided to bake some Sprinkles peppermint mix! How did they turn out you ask? Well.... let's just say Sprinkles mixes and Krazy 4 Kupcakes don't mix well together... The cupcakes were good, they were just really MINTY! TOO minty that it tasted like mouth wash. HAHA. I swear they must not want their customers to bake the same way they do at their bakeries! We're convinced.

Anyway, this is all the updates I have for you! But check out our pics in a bit!

Oh and also......

We haven't logged on our YouTube in ages and to find out that one of our videos - "Cookies and Strawberry Cream" had over 1000+ views, was a very exciting and shocked news to us!

While you're at it... check out our new Halloween Video!!!!!
Thank you guys!

Forever & Always,
The Krazy4Kupcake Girls <3
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