Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Short & Sweet

Wow! What a birthday weekend! Melanie made me an awesome cupcake cake that tasted deliciouso! Here's a pic of it -

Me with the cake :)

Those of you who got to try it, it was chocolate cake on the bottom and strawberry cake on the top with strawberry pudding? Frosting was obviously chocolate, and she also added chocolate covered strawberries!!!! Aaaaah I want some more! Once again, thank you Melanie for taking your precious time to make this cake for me! :) Love you!

Anyway, since then, Melanie and I started working at our new job in the gold coast! We are literally a block away from Sprinkles. Therefore, we have been getting Sprinkles more than anyone could go. We are pretty fortunate to have received the free cupcakes they do every day! If you are a fan on their Facebook or Twitter you can see that they post a "whisper" word to say at each local store to receive a free cupcake! :)

We also visited More's Cupcakes and we decided we do not like their cupcakes! Sorry More's but your just not cutting it.

Melanie and I have been swamped with homework from school!!!! We hope to make the Strawberry Champagne cupcakes! And make more videos/order form. Sorry it's taking longer than expected. It should be up SOON hopefully.

-Krazy 4 Kupcake Girls <3

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