Sunday, May 23, 2010

Long time no talk! (January 6, 2009)

Hey guys! How's it going, it's definitely been a while since we've updated. Happy New Year by the way, Melanie and I have made a new year's resolution to try and visit more cupcake places for the remainder time we are here in Chicago! Oh and to make our site "the next big thing"! With break ending and all, Melanie and I finally got a chance to make our first stop of the year at a cupcake place. We first decided on heading to Sweet Mandi B's to check out their new edition, but unfortunately since we were already around the shopping area on Diversey, the only cupcake place near to us was Molly's. We've been to Molly's several times before, so we agreed on ordering new flavors. With that being said, Melanie ordered a cupcake called "Turtle" and I ordered one called "Mighty Mint". Both were extremely delicious, but very sweet. The Turtle cupcake was a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and nuts on top. Now, I adored Mel's cupcake.. that is because I am a big fan of chocolate! =) Melanie thought it was too sweet for her likings lol. The cupcake was very moist (two thumbs up) and inside had some delicious carmel. For my cupcake, "Mighty Mint"...the name pretty much explains it all. Mine was very minty! I would definitely have to consider it for the holiday season lol. The Mighty Mint was a chocolate cake with a mint flavored frosting, which included an Andes candy on top! Perfect, I must say! =) My cupcake was also very moist and had a mint flavored liquor in the middle. Each cupcake costs $3.75.

Oh and for some more news-

Melanie and I have been having a hard time with publishing our site and having people leave feedback or anyone taking us seriously. We are SERIOUS if you don't like this site, then LEAVE! We really want the RIGHT viewers to view our site! With that being said, we created flyers for our cupcake site and will soon contribute it out and target the right audience! But if you are reading this and actually love cupcakes, it would be greatly appreciated if you would refer our site to friends, family, anyone who is interested. Like I said before, our new year's resolution hopefully will be accomplished and become successful! Otherwise, thank you guys for taking the time to check out our site! Please leave comments, posts, and overall feedback.

Thank you-
Nancy & Melanie


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