Sunday, May 23, 2010

Our Adventure Begins (October 16, 2009)

Hey guys! So it's been a while since we've written or even updated our website. Melanie and I moved into our homes in Chicago a while back, and ever since then we've been pretty busy! However we did make time for our lovely cupcake trips :). So far we've been to Molly's (again, lol), Phoebe's Cupcakes, and Sugar Bliss Cake Boutique.

Our first stop was at Molly's, we were in the area so we decided to make a pit stop! I was actually craving the infamous Cookee Monster treat, and of course it was still same old yummy-ness. Melanie got the Strawberry Shortcake and she really enjoyed that one too.
Next place we went to was Phoebe's Cupcakes. To our surprise, we didn't enjoy it too much. However you get a decent size for each cupcake (2.50), and you had an option to match a cupcake with ice cream (additional 1.50). The place was filled with nice pictures, and chairs/tables to eat at with pretty flowers on the table. Melanie got the Red Velvet cupcake and I got the Death by Chocolate cupcake. The cupcake looked yummy, don't get me wrong, but the smell of the cupcake made the taste not as good as it looked. The smell sort of smelled like dog food, which am not surprised because they had put the pupcakes right next to the regular cupcakes.
Just a few weeks ago, we went to Sugar Bliss Cake Boutique. It was a cute small little place located on Wabash Ave. Just like any other cupcake place, they had certain flavors each day. Each cupcake costs 3.50 each. Melanie got the Vanilla Milk Chocolate,I got the Black and White and I bought my boyfriend the Red Velvet cupcake. Both were delicious, and I would most definitely consider going back again! All their cupcakes are decorized with frosting the shape of a flower.
I think our next trip is going to be Sweet Mandi B's! We will try our best to make more trips in the next month! But we'll update you then! :)

-Nancy & Melanie


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