Monday, May 31, 2010

Kupcakes all the time!

Last week, I (Nancy) had stayed in Chicago for a few days at Melanie's apartment. During the time I stayed there, (like I said before) Melanie and I baked some lemon flavored cupcakes! In these lemon cupcakes we decided to add blueberries in the center as the filling, and on top we spread on some cream cheese frosting with cute "summery" themed decor. I gotta admit, these cupcakes were DELICIOUS! We both agreed that these lemon cupcakes were definitely our most favorite ones we've made so far. We also believe that each cupcake we make keeps getting yummier and yummier! =) Who knows what we'll think of next?! It was so yummy, we could not stop eating them. I swear I probably gained like 5 extra pounds this weekend!!

Melanie and I had been invited to attend this Akira event on State St. off the Red Line. This event was called the "Pink Pedi Pamper Party," and at the event they offered free pedicures, eyebrow waxing, 20% purchases, and of course free desserts from Krazy Kakes (this cake company). Not only were we excited to hear about the free pedicures and eyebrow waxing, but we were more excited to try what kind of desserts the Krazy Kakes would serve. Plus their company name is almost similar to our name too, which is SUCH a coincidence!!! So on Thursday (May 27th, 2010), we attended this event. As we entered, there was plenty of other girls that surrounded the area. We saw that they were just setting up the event, so we decided to browse the store as we waited. Melanie and I did find a pair of shoes that we really liked, so as we were standing in the line to pay we saw a lady carrying a huge tray of pink.....CUPCAKES! Yes I said it, they were colored in PINK. Our eyes quickly came attached to this tall display filled with delicious looking cupcakes. At this point, we were dying to taste them. We finally purchased our shoes, and started to head towards where the cupcakes were. The bakery lady was in the middle of finishing the display, as we walked by. We asked her if we can take one, and she told us not until she explains to us what the different flavors were. Good deal. As she named each one, I was contemplating on which one to try. Melanie went first and she chose one called the "upsidedown pineapple." It was a vanilla cake topped with pineapple flavored frosting. I must say, it was very creative!!! Never tasted anything like that before. I decided to get the "carmel vanilla," vanilla cupcake topped with carmel frosting. I loved mine, it was such a perfect choice. Each cupcake came with a cute shoe decor on top (since this Akira is a shoe store). Ah, it was seriously fabulous. Melanie and I were definitely satisfied, and wanted more! But we wanted to let the other customers give it a try. However, before leaving the store, Melanie and I agreed that we should share and try another cupcake. So we grabbed the lemon flavored cupcake. This cupcake had a thick jelly-like topping. It wasn't anything we tried before, but it was delish that's for sure. We wanted to also try the lemon kind so we can compare from the ones that we made. We would have to say they tied. Haha.

For more information on this Krazy Kakes Bakery, I believe they are new and are just opening up near the South Side? For more information you can go to I think this place is mainly a cake place. Their website is very interesting! Turn up your speakers, they have a very unique song to hear! :)
That's it for now. I will definitely post pictures up soon!



Lisa said...

cute pictures! looks like you're enjoying summer and the great weather while remaining committed to your cupcake project :-)

more posts!

Melanie said...

I'm sad that my dumb phone deleted the pics of krazy kakes. Def noted that a camera needs to be used everytime.

Nancy said...

Yeah, definitely. At least I took a couple on mine!

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