Sunday, June 13, 2010

Till We EAT Again

Hello everyone,

It's around that time of the year where Nancy and I are done with school and are back in the burbs. This means we won't be posting up as many blogs. However, we do plan on trying a new cupcake place on the 4th of July since we will be in the city. As much as we love them, we have gone to Sweet Mandy B's and Molly's too many times. We need to venture out and see what the cupcake world in Chicago has to offer. We originally planned on going to Sprinkles, but we found out that it is not suppose to open untill mid-July. Hopefully Sprinkles will be open when we go to the city, but if not we are going to go to somewhere else on our list. I'm so glad summer is here, but I am sad to leave Chicago and the cupcakes. Maybe Nancy and I will make cupcakes while we are home and fix our videos. Nancy and I keep finding out about new cupcake places in the city, so we will definitely be busy next year =)




Nancy said...

Haha, aw I'm going to miss them! Well since I'm always in the city... I'll probably make a few stops =)

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