Friday, June 18, 2010

Cupcake Craze !

Hi to the few that actually read our blogs ;-)

It almost seems like the country is in a cupcake craze. Most stores I walk in, I see cupcake merchandise everywhere (Forever 21, Victoria's Secret, and Target to name a few). Some restaurants are even coming out with cupcakes. Nancy and I were at the mall this week and we saw that Cinnabon had cupcakes. It was very unexpected. Surprisingly they sell individual cupcakes as well as packages. It is not typical for a non-cupcake place to sell their cupcakes individually, ie Coldstone. There were only four flavors to choose from: 24 carrot cake, vanilla bliss, chocolate passion, and cinnamon classic. I choose the vanilla bliss and Nancy had the cinnamon classic. These cupcakes were loaded with frosting. I'm pretty sure that the icing is like the kind that is used for the cinnamon rolls.

The cupcakes were good, but they were not extraordinary. The texture was like of a normal cupcake that could be store bought. The cupcakes that we make are definitely more moist and soft, but I wasn't really having high expectations since Cinnabon is'nt a bakery. Nancy's cupcake tasted just like a cinnamon roll and my cupcake had a fourth of July theme because it was decorated with red and blue sprinkles. The cupcakes were very reasonably priced, so Nancy and I will be back there to try the other two flavors.

Another place where cupcakes are taking over is on tv. So it has come to our attention that on the food network there is a new series called "Cupcake Wars". It premiered on Tuesday. I finally cleared it off my dvr tonight. Let me say I absolutely loved it! If only Nancy and I could be judges on it. So if Food Network happens to stumble across our blog, PLEASE give us a show or let us judge on "Cupcake Wars". On the show, four cupcake bakery owners compete in three challenges (judging was based on taste and presentation) to win. I am excited to see how the rest of the season pans out because I am still a bit unsure of how the series works. I hope a Chicago baker owner ends up in one of the episodes.

One thing we don't get is how cupcakes are so popular, yet no one wants to comment on our site. So come on Chicagoans...Go out there and try a cupcake or comment on our site and go CUPCAKE CRAZY with the rest of the country!!! Please comment on our blogs, pics and chat box. Also, vote on our poll. We want feedback on what you think about our site and blogs, and you can always mention any cupcake news. We would love to hear from you!

Love lots,


Cinnamon Classic & Vanilla Bliss =


Lisa said...

it would definitely be cool to see chicago represented on that food network show! best of luck to you guys, keep posting and more people will discover your site :-)

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