Saturday, May 22, 2010

Melanie's Birthday (August 17 2009)

So yesterday was my birthday and I made cupcakes for my friends. I forgot that one of my friend's boyfriend is vegan but luckily he brought some vegan cupcakes. Also, Nancy brought cupcakes with her too. For my party I ended up with three different kind of cupcakes, and they were all delicious. The cupcakes I made were banana with cream cheese frosting and pink sugar to go with my pink theme. Mine were made from the box, but they weren't that bad.

I was interested in trying the vegan cupcakes to see how different it is from normal cupcakes. I could barely tell that the cupcake was vegan. Although it did have a distinct taste because it was Margarita flavored but none the less it was amazing. I wish I had taken a picture of it because it was very cute. The frosting was green and had sprinkles on the edge of cupcake, mimicking a Margarita glass.

Nancy brought Coldstone cupcakes, which we had been dying to try and now had a good excuse to have them. The cupcakes had a chocolate shell on the bottom that looked like a cupcake liner. At the very bottom of the cupcake was a thin layer of cake and fudge. The rest of the cupcake was ice cream topped with frosting. It came in three different flavors; Chocolate, Red Velvet, and Vanilla. You can make custom Coldstone cupcakes, but must order it two days in advance.

My birthday was filled with yummy cupcakes, which I hope is a good omen that the rest of year will have many good cupcakes as well!

 Love, Melanie


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