Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!

It definitely has been way overdue since we last wrote a blog, and we apologize a million times. It's actually Melanie's turn to write a blog, which she promised she would do her best to write an update during our spring break which starts on March 18th! So for sure check back then! (And since it's been a while, I'll make sure she writes a loong amazing blog (: that will be worth reading!)

In the meantime, Melanie and I made birthday cupcakes last week for our friend's 21st birthday! We decided to bake her vegan margerita cupcakes (she's not vegan, but we decided to try it out..) and we felt that margerita flavored cupcakes would fit the theme perfectly! Here are some pictures of what they looked like.. you can also check them out in our Flickr album to the right of here! -->>

Oh and we took videos of us making these cupcakes, so keep intune for a finished video for that! :)

plus check out our new VIDEO = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIVl4I-brLM :) get the inside scoop of us making the margerita cupcakes! :)


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