Sunday, March 27, 2011


Hi all,
I'm sorry I know have been slacking lately. Even with all the craziness going on for the past month, I should have still been able to take 10 minutes of my time to update the site. I feel horrible and I am sincerely sorry. Now with that in the open we can get straight into business...
Back in the beginning of February, my roommate, Nancy and I met up with our dear friends Marcel and Eric to try out some new cupcakes. That particular day was freezing cold outside and we all ended up on a journey to find Crumbs Bakery. Crumbs Bakery is a new cupcake spot located on 303 W Madison St. Luckily we all happened to bump into each other on the street while searching for the bakery. It was almost seemed impossible to find, especially due to the ice cold weather. Eventually we found the small shop which was located a few stores away from The Cupcake Counter, another cupcake bakery.
When we got inside we were in awe by the fabulously decorated cupcakes. The cupcakes came in "signature" size, which was a little above average, and then "colossal" which was a huge cupcake cake.

We were all eager to try the cupcakes. Beforehand, I peaked at the website to look at the different flavors they had. Although they did have a lot of flavors in the store, they did have more available online (I was hoping to try Cosmo but unfortunately they did not have it). I went with my second pick Elvis, which was a vanilla cake with banana cream cheese frosting and a swirl of peanut butter. Nancy and Marcel both choose to get the Cookies and Cream, as you could guess it was a chocolate cake with vanilla and sandwich cookie cream cheese frosting. Connie and Eric both ordered the Cookie Dough, a vanilla cake filled with a fudge center and vanilla cookie cream cheese frosting. Each of our cupcakes were $3.75.
The store didn't have any seats so we sat down at Starbucks, which was right next store. The cupcakes ended up being bland and plain. My cupcake tasted a bit dry. The banana flavor in the frosting was so artificial tasting, it had the same taste as a banana laffy taffy. The Cookies and Cream ended up being the best in our group, although Nancy and I could have probably made the cupcake ourselves. We all agreed we were not fans of Crumbs. Marcel and Eric preferred More's Cupcakes while Nancy and I still like Molly's and Sprinkles better.
During our visit to Crumbs, Marcel video tapped an interview with me and Nancy. Hopefully the video will be out soon. He has a blog where the motto is "Stay Plugged" Intrigued? Then check out his website!

A little side note is Crumbs Bakery offered taste packs, which were 12 small variety cupcakes. If my visit went well I was going to get the valentine's taste pack for my boyfriend and I so we could try more of the cupcake flavors but since I did not care too much for their cupcakes, I ordered a heart-shaped cheesecake from Sweet Mandy B's instead. Here's a pic after I put a few of my own touch onto it  ;) It's a chocolate cheesecake covered in gauche and topped with raspberries.

Promise to keep in touch soon!
Love the sweetest girls on the web,
xoxo, Krazy4Kupcake Girls


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