Thursday, September 2, 2010

Not everything is going to taste good.

Melanie and I have finally moved into the city!! Yay! With school being around the corner and all, Melanie and I made some time to stop by a few cupcake places such as Phoebe's, Sprinkles, Sweet Mandi B's and Flirty's Cupcakes. Yeah, I know that's quite a lot, considering we've only been here for a week or so... but what can we say we're cupcake obsessed! :)

So by the look of my caption.... I was pretty disappointed in all 4 bakeries. I say this because each treat I ate tasted horrible!

First we'll start with Phoebe's Cupcakes. I was around the area when I decided to stop in at Phoebe's Cupcakes. To be honest, Phoebe's Cupcakes isn't really one of my favorite cupcake places that I've tried. But anyway, I was deciding between the chocolate cupcake or the banana cream pie cupcake. Since I always choose chocolate cupcakes, I decided why not try something new this time so I go with the banana one. Once I got home, I was all excited to try it and my first bite was rather disappointing. The cupcake tasted very artificial, almost like a 'banana' flavored Laffy Taffy (if you guys have tried it before). The icing was actually good but I felt like it was too much. You definitely can taste the banana flavored but it was too much flavor.

Next we had Sprinkles. Melanie had stopped by the other day and bought cupcakes: chocolate marshmallow and lemon cupcake. She let me choose from the two and I chose the lemon cupcake. We'll start off with the chocolate marshmallow cupcake.. This cupcake was chocolate cake with chocolate icing and a marshmallow in the center. It was pretty good but we thought it tasted like a hostess cake. It was way too sweet and definitely not appetizing. Mine however, was nice and moist except for the cake part was very bland and the icing was really thick. I felt like the frosting is what GAVE the cake the flavor though.

Literally the next day we went to Sweet Mandi B's, but this time instead of getting the normal cupcake treat; we agreed to try their ice cream. Ice cream seriously sounded so good at the time and we thought it would be a great treat to refresh ourselves on a hot day. Their ice cream is new, so we decided to give it a try. When we arrived, we noticed that they had added more chairs and new decor to the room. It was very colorful with light colors surrounding the room (pics will be up soon). On the side of the wall, there is a list of flavors to choose from, I'll name a few... Banana Chocolate Chip, Cookie Dough, Cookies & Cream, Mint Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Marshmallow, etc. Melanie chose the Mint Chocolate Chip, I chose the Cookies & Cream, and our friend Connie chose the Cookie Dough ice cream. All sound delicious right? Well looks may be deceiving because the taste was awful. The Cookies & Cream that I chose, was too bland and tasted more like cheesecake. Melanie's choice (Mint Chocolate Chip) was rather too minty!!! At first we were like yours is definitely the best, but then we came to a conclusion that it was wayy too much mint. To the point where her throat started burning after finishing her ice cream. So lay off the mint? And Connie's... Cookie Dough choice was the worst one out of all of ours. Hers tasted like Smuckers lip gloss, no JOKE! First thing after tasting the first bite, that had come to my mind. I don't know if you guys know what Smuckers is but it seriously felt like the lip gloss was on your tongue and you were eating it. The texture was very dense and "lip gloss" like. It just overall tasted horrible and one scoop of ice cream is pretty pricey!!!! It costs us approximately $3.50 for ONE SCOOP that wasn't even WORTH it. Ew. Never again, maybe they should please just stick to selling baked goods. Or maybe taste test it first. Because if I was Connie and I chose the cookie dough flavor I would totally take it back.

So last but not least today I finally got a chance to try Flirty's Cupcakes once again. The truck had stopped in front of our store tonight, and my manager let me go get some cupcakes for everyone. When I got there of course they had the flavor that I wanted sold out (the 'Mcdreamy'). So instead I chose the 'Curious George' cupcake which is basically a banana flavored cupcake. Um... what to say about this cupcake? Well first of all everyone agreed that the frosting was again very dense and thick, which is true because I remember the last cupcake I got the frosting was like it too. And not only that, but for some reason the frosting on mine was very SALTY??? It was seriously saltier than french fries. But it tasted weird because salt and sweet together does not mix well at least I don't think so. The cake part did not have a banana flavor at all either. It tasted more like chocolate cake. Eww, I just can't get over the fact that the frosting was so salty, like I had to scrape off all the frosting in order to finish it. The cupcake itself is tiny, so it was definitely not satisfying. Wow, it's funny because just last month I was saying how I LOVED Flirty's Cupcakes better than Sprinkles. I change my mind, I'm not a fan of either. Sprinkles is pretty much overrated for what it's worth. I know all the 'celebs' order from there, but so what? It's not that great honestly. Ah I feel like I wasted my time and money towards unappetizing treats. However "not everything is going to taste good," -- true STATEMENT.

So this is a long blog entry, I know... SORRY. There was just too much to say. I have a few questions for you guys to respond to:
1) What cupcake place out of these places have you tried and what did you think of them?
2) Tell us a horrible tasting experience you've had.
3) Do you agree with this article? If yes, why?

Okay before making this 10 pages long, Melanie and I finally had our FIRST cupcake order and what I mean is we actually got PAID this time. My friend had ordered from us and we spent all night making them. He asked us to make chocolate cupcakes but we decided to mix things up a bit and make s`mores cupcakes instead. I'll keep it short and say that they really enjoyed it supposedly and said we should make our own business cards! It's coincidental because I literally just ordered some last weekend! How exciting right? We also will be posting up a video on the making of s`mores and will be also be creating an order form for the website. Technically, you guys can order from us now. Just name the flavor, amount and time we'll do it! :) So order away!!! Okay I'm done.

-Krazy 4 Kupcake Girls <3


Melanie said...

Great blog! Yeah, the sweet mandy b's is probably my worst eating experience. I am really curious to see what other people think of their ice cream because that was nasty.

And that's gross with the flirty's being too salty. Why would there be so much salt??

Sprinkles is very overrated. The celebs only order from there since they don't have a Molly's in Cali haha. And Molly's ice cream was a lot better =)

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