Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fox & Obel Market

Howdy! The other day Melanie and I made an unexpected trip to a new place on our list! We were around the downtown area, eating at Bubba Gump at Navy Pier! It was our first times there, and it was pretty pricey but was definitely worth it! If you guys didn't already know, Bubba Gump is a restaurant based off the Forrest Gump movie. Anyways, back to the story... Melanie and I were going to stop by Dominicks to pick up some brownie mix when we came across a bakery on our list. Can you guess? Fox & Obel Market! This place isn't specifically for just a bakery of goods, but it's also a food market. I must say entering this place was quite confusing. When you first enter, there are two doors... one that opens to a mini cafe and the other door, not too sure. We decided to choose the one towards the cafe, and to our surprise there was the market! We walked aimlessly through the aisles, until finally we came across the bakery! In the bakery there were various options to choose from: cookies, muffins, donuts, tarts, and of course cupcakes! Since this was a bakery, there were only a few selection of cupcakes: chocolate, red velvet, carrot and butter cake flavored. I was indecisive whether to buy a cookie or try their cupcakes. Of course, in the end I chose to order a cupcake and Melanie chose a chocolate chip cookie. Can you guess what cupcake I bought? Well you should already know by now..... CHOCOLATE! =) It was made from Devil's cake, and topped with chocolate frosting and white and chocolate chips on top. The cupcake price was only $2.99, which was a great deal considering the cupcake size was bigger than most places. Melanie's chocolate chip cookie costed $1.99 and was big also. Both desserts were pretty good. The cupcake was not as moist and more on the dry side. Without the chocolate frosting, the cupcake would taste really bland. The cookie was a bit hard and crunchy. As you can see, Melanie and I rather prefer our cookies to be soft and chewy. Fox and Obel Market has high prices on their items, but they sell items that you normally can't find at a regular grocery store. Overall, the experience was pretty pleasant. We weren't expecting too much from it since it was an unplanned visit. But maybe if we are around the area, we'll make a second stop and try out the other desserts! The fruit tart, I must say looked rather delicious!

On the side note-

We originally wanted to see if Sprinkles cupcakes were opened, but unfortunately we aren't exactly sure when the exact date of it may open. We looked it up on several websites on Google, but each result was a different date? If anyone knows or has any information on Sprinkles cupcakes please post here! =)

The school year ended for ME and Melanie only has a few more weeks left! How sad! We will for sure try to visit some places over the summer, if not we definitely will when school starts again!

<3 much love K4K


Lauren said...

Let me know when the Sprinkles place opens! I would love to tag along.

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