Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Big Blue!

So guess what?!!! I was in Chicago last weekend and I finally had a chance to try Flirty's Cupcakes!!!!! The day before I checked on Facebook what Flirty's route would be that week and luckily they were going to be nearby my work, which was in front of the Bloomingdales Home Store (2 min walk). When I got to work I was hoping to God that my break would be around that time they were going to be there, and luckily it was! All day I was definitely looking forward to my break, I was so anxious because I'm not going to lie I've been dying to try their cupcakes! When 3 PM came around, my coworker Tal asked if I wanted to hangout during break (little did she know about my cupcake passion). Of course I told her about it, and she had the wonderful experience of trying it with me. We both chose the "Devil in Disguise," which is the red velvet cupcake and they costed $3.25 each. You can check out some pictures that I took in our Flickr gallery on the right side. I really wanted to try the banana flavored, but by the time we got there they had been sold out! :( I also was very indecisive because I've heard people say that the McDreamy and the Peanut Butter cupcakes were the best ones. Oh well maybe next time for sure!

I felt as if the cupcake was smaller than most cupcakes that I've tried. But honestly, I didn't care because the cupcake overall was seriously one of the best cupcakes I've ever eaten in my life. I'm not going to lie, but HANDS down for sure Flirty's Cupcakes are WAY more tastier than Sprinkles Cupcakes. Why, you ask? Well... first of all, this small cupcake had so much flavor and it was definitely very moist and soft. It was topped with the usual, cream cheese frosting and red sprinkles. The frosting also had so much flavor in it, you can totally recognize it was cream cheese for sure. I mean both the cupcake and the frosting had a lot of flavor and texture to it. I know that sounds weird, but most places that I've been to, I felt like the frosting was the one thing that gave the cupcake the flavor and not the cupcake itself. Flirty's has to be the best red velvet cupcake so far. They have my VOTE at least! :) Now I understand why my manager at work would always order them! Ah! Flirty's, I would definitely recommend to everyone who hasn't tried many cupcake places in Chicago. Hunt them down!!! They are so WORTH IT. Once again, you can look up their routes on facebook.com/flirtycupcakes or twitter.com/flirtycupcakes. I can't wait to try some more, I'm going to see if they are going to be around work again this weekend. I really hope so :).

Oh and Melanie finally had a chance to taste Sprinkles last weekend too! Her mom and her had went, and she bought dark chocolate Sprinkles cake mix! :) Stay tuned for more information on her visit!

After last Friday (when I tried Flirtys), everyone at work found out my obssession with cupcakes and they are looking forward to me bringing cupcakes for them. So the "KrazyforKupcake" girls are at it again, we are going back to work in the kitchen and baking more cupcakes! Lovvve it.

Always & Forever,

The Krazy 4 Kupcake Girls :)

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