Friday, July 2, 2010


Ah, one by one the good ol' summer days go by... Sooner or later time will past and Melanie and I will be back living in the Chi! I, on one end am impatiently waiting until that day comes! Anyhoo, Melanie and I have kept our summers busy by making more and more cupcakes!! I know, exciting right? We kept our promises and finally tried making cupcakes from scratch. Last Sunday we promised my cousin that we would bake cupcakes for her graduation party. We asked her what kind she wanted, and she told us red velvet, so we did. Additionally, Melanie and I decided to create two extra flavors, and these would be the ones we would make from scratch. Can you guess which flavors these were? Well we wanted to make one that would be common to eat and also one that you guys selected based off the 'next flavor' poll on the side. Those of you who DID vote and helped us out, we really appreciate it!!! =)

Okay, so I'll just tell you... We ended up making Vanilla Caramel and Peanut Butter cupcakes. Sounds delish right? We thought so too. Melanie and I planned to make these cupcakes last Sunday before her party... But unfortunately Melanie found out she had to work that day. We had no other alternative day to make them because I had to work the day before. So therefore, we planned to split the cupcake making and do it separately. Let me tell you it was a TON of work. You wouldn't believe how long it took each of us to make them... Since Mel had all the cupcake ingredients at her house; she had to make the two cupcakes from scratch on her own. I on the other hand, only had to make the red velvet cupcakes from the box but also had to make the finishing touches of the cupcakes (toppings, decor). A total estimate of the time it took us to make these cupcakes on our own was approximately 6-7 hours!!!! Ugh.


Luckily, on Friday (6/25/2010) we already made the frosting from each cupcake so that saved us some time. We actually videotaped a few shots of us making the frosting, which will soon be posted! :) Overall, the cupcakes turned out... Well let's just say since it was our first times making it from scratch, it wasn't our best. But hey, everybody makes mistakes and learn from them right? We'll make sure the next homemade cupcake will be superb! My cousin "claims" that they were great, but we just think she's being too kind!! (Just teasing, Lisa!) We just wished they turned out a tad bit better.... Our biggest problem is how to avoid making a cupcake DRY? But we will be posting up pics and videos on that cupcake process. So keep intune!!!!

Our next creation is definitely going to be the Strawberry Champayne cupcake!!! Now that will be tasty! Melanie and I vowed that we will never make cupcakes without each other ever again!!! It was a horrible experience, and is no fun without a buddy there making it with you! :)

PS those of you who contribute to our website, keep it up!!! We would love to see more feedback on our site! Come on Chicago, you all KNOW cupcakes are taking over :)



Lisa said...

the cupcakes turned out wonderfully! thanks for making those for me and for mentioning me in the video :) oh, and i am NOT being too kind! everyone enjoyed the cupcakes!

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